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The description is the most important step

Creating an attractive profile for online dating sites is the main key to success. More people have been using dating sites and Apps, that's why taking the time to create a good profile will help you get better results. Write your profile on a day when you feel happy, this is very important since your attitude will be influenced by the content of your profile page. Write a brief text that reflects your personality. Combine your interests and add a bit of humor. Your presentation page should contain information about your personality, your qualities, your possible defaults, but not too much, just the necessary amount. Have your friends write about you in your biography.

Profile video advice for guys

Stay authentic to who you are and what you want

Also, all dating site or app allows you to create a username or headline, make sure it reflects one of your interests or passions, for example : Travel, Sport, Likeā€¦ Go over your online profile and correct of bad words text errors. (Note that your profile is not a resume, so you don't have to include all your titles and jobs). Adding your hobbies will help you connect with people with like interests.

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