Dating advice for singles

Online dating is an area of interest that I have been passionate about for over 10 years, in this new magazine, we want to share with you topics that concern you directly or through dating stories, writing specialized articles that can help you in the use of dating sites, but also, to find a friend who will match your criteria, if you have already had positive or bad experiences, you can contact us to tell us what you think.

alert fraud

Online fraud

Registering on a dating site is very easy, it is important to take certain precautions to protect yourself from the profiles of people with bad intentions.

dating profile

Create a good profile

The online dating profile is essential to be contacted by members of the site, let's see how to write a nice presentation.

profile picture

Choose a nice picture

The main profile photo is your business card so people can associate your face with your presentation, here are some tips for success.