How to choose the perfect profile picture

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Boost your dating opportunities

The picture choice on US meeting singles says a lot about you to the users of these; what you say or what you publish is as important as your photographs. The photo you attach to your profile is very important because it will be the first impression people will see of you. The profiles with more photos are the ones that receive the most replies and start discussions. In effect, profiles that have more pictures receive more messages from potential singles people.

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Select a photo that shows your real personality

In the main photo of the profile you should appear only you. In the other photos you can add your pet, full body images or photos of you performing activities. Do not upload old or obscure photos, or photos in which you appear with sunglasses. If you don't have a good one in your portfolio, it's time to pose like a Hollywood superstar. Let yourself be guided by the hands of professionals. Sometimes a small photographic invest can be very interesting.

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