Guideline online fraud

alert fraud

Have the correct approach to avoid scams

Please read the basic guidelines on how to avoid scammers online, never send money to someone you have never met in real life. You must respect the safety instructions to avoid online frauds.

Could you be a victim of online fraud ?

Be careful

  1. The person you are talking to frequently discusses their financial difficulties.
  2. The interlocutor asks for money to facilitate your communication with (webcam, Internet payment).
  3. There has recently been some kind of incident that causes the interlocutor to need a lot of money.
  4. The person wants to come exclusively to you, but not vice versa, he asks for money for that.
  5. Refuses to meet in the country, does not want you to come.
  6. The interlocutor is nervous by your limited in communicating.
  7. The person confesses love in the first letters.
  8. The interlocutor ignores many of your questions.
  9. The person does not ask you questions about work, interests.
  10. The person refuses to give the phone number and the place of work.
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